Lessons in Being

"…brimming with existential & spiritual insights…" Tilden Edwards


I am a mother and grandmother. As a newly-married adult I settled down in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, to rear my children and create my first real "home."

I am a developmental scientist, a Professor Emerita of Psychology and Neuroscience at Duke University. For thirty-plus years I’ve sought to understand the emergence of new behaviors in infants and toddlers.

I am a spiritual pilgrim and spiritual director, someone who helps others uncover their own spiritual stories within everyday life.

I am a writer—about the meaning and wonder to be found in all of life. Lessons in Simply Being tells of the “gifts” I found even within abandonment, my mother's dementia and dying, and my children's struggles with cancer.

I am a woman who holds all her life with immense gratitude. All the above identities have shaped my journey toward a life of faith, trust, freedom, and service—toward simply being.