Lessons in Being

“…deeply personal, warm, accessible, and highly readable. I couldn’t put it down.” Margaret B. Guenther

Lessons in Simply Being: Finding the Peace within Tumult

  • What might we discover if we loosened the grip of fear on our lives?
  • How might our most important relationships transform with the gifts of trust and courage?
  • What lessons have our own stories taught us and how can we glean their wisdom?

Lessons in Simply Being is the memoir of my life as a recovering control addict who finds meaning after the collapse of all I had clung to. As I walked through much of what I had armored myself against—abandonment, aloneness, physical disability, my mother’s dementia and dying, my children’s bouts with cancer—I found a mysterious loving presence that permeated even these dark places. I lived what I had never imagined possible.

Despair transformed into unexpected joy.

Love trumped fear.

Relationships made whole.

I am discovering my place within the flow of Spirit running through all of life and learning a single new lesson to live by.

I offer my tale, hoping to help free others’ imagination and daring. I love Teresa of Avila’s exclamation: “Through the flights of others, we make bold to fly.” Perhaps my story can help you fly, in your own way.

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What others are saying:

"To read Lessons in Simply Being is like a warm and candid conversation with a trusted friend. Her account of her spiritual quest toward peace and wholeness is deeply personal, warm, accessible, and highly readable. I couldn’t put it down." ~ Rev. Margaret B. Guenther, author of Holy Listening

"In this spiritual memoir…every reader will find poignant personal connections. It is brimming with existential and spiritual insights emerging from the process of living through many painful, beautiful, and adventurous experiences…. ~ Rev. Tilden Edwards, PhD., Founder of Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation

"…a major contribution to how the spiritual journey contributes to the ongoing integration of all life experiences into something beautiful for God." ~ Fr William Sheehan, OMI, Centering Prayer teacher and retreat leader

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