Lessons in Being

“…deeply personal, warm, accessible, and highly readable. I couldn’t put it down.” Margaret B. Guenther


The lessons in simply being that have been part of Carol Eckerman’s life journey are movingly described in this book. Through her willingness to begin to navigate "myths of control" she was drawn more deeply into herself. As she embraced the path of unknowing, she was invited to abandon herself to a love that seeks to heal, purify and make all things new from the inside out. Her reflections offer a major contribution to how the spiritual journey contributes to the ongoing integration of all life experience into something beautiful for God.

~ Fr William Sheehan, OMI, Centering Prayer teacher and retreat leader, Contemplative Outreach of New England

For me this memoir operates at two levels. First, it is a beautifully written story of spiritual transformation in Carol Eckerman’s life and in her relationships—especially within her family. One of the most moving sections is about the healing that took place between Carol and her mother, despite her mother’s dementia. On the second level, it serves gently and indirectly as spiritual guidance for the reader. On that level, I can honestly say that it was deeply transformational for me.

~ Rev. Larry C. Williams, Director, The Pastor as Spiritual Guide Progam

This deeply spiritual memoir will resonate with many women looking for peace within the tumult of family care relationships. Eckerman’s insights increase her comfort with herself and her mother as her mother’s thinking and memory decline at the end of life. In well-chosen and articulated glimpses of dialogue and revelations, there are fresh hopeful messages for daughters standing by as parents die incrementally.

~ Lisa P. Gwyther, MSW, LCSW, Director, Duke Aging Center Family Support Program, and co-author of The Alzheimer’s Action Plan: A Family Guide

Carol Eckerman shares with us her gripping psychological, family, and spiritual life story in which I expect every reader will find some poignant personal connections. It is brimming with existential and spiritual insights emerging from the process of living through many painful, beautiful and adventurous experiences and relationships with honesty and humility… Her story left me inspired to face further into my own life experiences with a hopeful, loving trust, a desire for the truth, and an awareness of the gifted interconnectedness of all life’s happenings in the hidden Love that lives in and among us.

~ The Rev. Tilden Edwards, PhD, Founder and Senior Fellow, Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation, and author of eight books on the spiritual life.

To read Carol Eckerman’s Lessons in Simply Being is like a warm and candid conversation with a trusted friend. Her account of her spiritual quest toward peace and wholeness is deeply personal, warm, accessible, and highly readable. I couldn’t put it down.

~ Rev. Margaret B. Guenther, Professor Emerita, General Theological Seminary, and author of Holy Listening: the Art of Spiritual Direction