Lessons in Being

“…serves gently and indirectly as spiritual guidance for the reader…it was deeply transformational for me.” Larry C. Williams

Spiritual Direction

  • Do you long for more meaning in life?
  • Are you sensing, or seeking, an ultimate mystery that permeates life?
  • Are you seeking to deepen your relationship with this mystery and discern its guidance for your life?


Learn More About Spiritual Direction

In spiritual direction, sometimes called “holy listening” or “soul friendship,” a director listens as you share the stories of your life that have you sensing, or pondering about, the ultimate mystery I call “Spirit” or “God.” You may have another name for this mystery or no name at all. The director is deeply grounded in his/her own spiritual journey and experienced in helping others uncover their own sacred stories. S/he listens from a place of simple open presence to Spirit and may be led to ask a question or two to aid you into speech. Or, s/he may reflect back to you recurrent themes, offer resources or practices that may aid you in your journey, affirm some of your steps and raise questions for you to consider about others.


Spirit, the true Director, is always inviting us into greater fullness of life, but sometimes we need the help of others to discern Spirit’s presence or movement, or to follow the call.

Considering journeying with me?

I am a graduate of the Shalem Spiritual Guidance Program (shalem.org) who has been offering spiritual direction for more than a decade and receiving it for even longer. Lessons in Simply Being recounts both my experiences in receiving spiritual direction and how I came to be a director.

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